A Community Vision - The Cabanda Story

This book immortalises the story of Cabanda Care, A shining example of what a community can accomplish with vision, good leadership and willing community-minded people.

Owned and operated by the community, Cabanda is an aged care complex in the small town of Rosewood, Queensland, In 1979 a handful of visionaries dared to dream of a home for aged people so that they would not have to leave their community when they became too frail to live in their own homes.

Today, Cabanda provides the full spectrum of care for up to 150 frail aged and younger disabled people with independent living units, day respite and low and high care residential facilities. This has been achieved through planning, hard work, fund-raising and the determined perseverance of many people. From the men who salvaged and sold bottles, to the volunteers who help residents, or serve on the Board, The community has supported, and continues to support, Cabanda.